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Your friendly neighborhood original character wikia! “Because every good creation once came from a bored mind.” Your favorite comic book character was nothing but a mere idealization before it became known worldwide. After all, superheroes aren't born. They're made. Which means everyone can create one, right?

Make sure to give every information you have on your original character, and make it strictly YOURS. Copycats are despised by the creation community, remember that.

You can upload recolored art and whatnot as long as it's public domain. However, make sure to credit the artist responsible for the original work. It's only fair.

The creator of this wikia herself sent the story of her creation to Brian Michael Bendis. He read the email and replied with an "it was awesome reading your message!", so keep it in mind: our ideas aren't small, or stupid. Our ideas are our virtues. Let's show them to the world!

Did you know?

Creating a character from scratch is a challenging task, but it isn’t impossible. You can find face claim helpers on tumblr and gather backstory inspirations from already existing characters who belong to different fandoms. Finding inspiration on real life personalities is also a go-to.

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